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A Different New Year

A new year is starting. Okay. Great. So? If you are going to continue all of the same old patterns and habits, then this year will be just like last year. You cannot expect to have a different type of year if you are doing exactly the same things.

So, the first question I have for you is how do you want this year to be different than last year? Do you want a healthier relationship? Okay, what are you willing to do about that? Talk to your partner, start couples counseling, or perhaps, end a toxic relationship. If you are not willing to confront your relationship, then there will be no changes.

What else needs to be different? Your health? Are you willing to increase your exercise? Make different food choices? See a doctor and get a physical? If you are not willing to make changes, then your health will not improve. The odds are that it will, in fact, worsen.

Do you hate your job? Are you willing to go to school? Put out your resume? Talk to your boss? If you do not make a change, come the end of the year, you will be, still, complaining about your job.

The bottom-line is that unless you are willing to change what you are doing, nothing will change. You will be sitting there come next December complaining that your life is terrible. There are many things that we do not have control over. But there are many things that we do! Make a choice. Take a risk. If you do not, then you are choosing to stay unhappy.

This is a new year. Make it a different year. And, as always, enjoy the journey.

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