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A Mindful Holiday

Here we are in the holiday season once again. And, again, we promise that this year we will get things done early so that this year we will be able to enjoy the holidays. This year we will plan out our gifts, meals, parties so that we are not overwhelmed. We promise that that this year we will not be so stressed that the holidays pass us by without our even being present. All great promises, but what will you truly do differently this year?

We all do want to do is to be able to enjoy the holidays, but there are many reasons that make it difficult. Sometimes it is because of our history. If the holidays have never actually been a good time, then we may want to hurry through the season. If the only things that we could count on were dad being drunk or mom crying or there not being enough food or any one of so many more traumas, why would we would look forward to the holidays? If that is your reality, see what you can do to change it this year. Do you have healthier people that you can spend the time with? Can you minimize or structure the time with the dysfunctional people in your life? Can you give yourself permission to not actually spend any time with them at all?

If what makes your holidays stressful is that very long list, then stop. Look at that list and see what is truly important. What is merely the “supposed to’s” but are not meaningful to you and yours. Feel free to delete!

But the most important thing is to be in the holiday in a mindful manner. Be in the moment. Stop. Listen. Smell. Taste. See. Stay only in the moment. If we can give ourselves permission to not rush, to slow way down, to be here, it makes a world of difference.

I wish you a mindful holiday season! May peace come to you and yours!

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