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Adjusting Your ‘Tude

March 2002


The other day, I was in a grumpy mood. No particular reason, I was just grumpy. Everything I looked at, I saw as a negative thing. Everything was black and gray and awful. I realized that my bad mood was feeding on itself. I kept getting grumpier. This was not a particularly pleasant state to be in.


So, I decided to change my mood. The first thing that I did was turn on some fun music (for me that means a good oldies station), and I started looking at the beautiful day that I was in. As a negative thought entered my mind, I consciously tested that thought out to see if it was a true remark and then adjusted it so that it was true. “Everything is awful in my life”. Okay, this is not true and I began to list all of the good things that are happening right now. I also made myself smile. It is amazing how such a simple thing can impact our moods, but it can.


And lo and behold! I began to feel better. I started to smile naturally, I began to bounce to the beat of the music, and I began to have positive thoughts enter my brain! A miracle? Not so much. It was quite simply, my taking control of my mood and deciding on a healthier way of facing my life.


Depending on how blue you are this may be more or less difficult for you. Some times it is easy, other times it is impossible. Always be aware if there are underlying issues that need to be resolved and be sure to take care of these first. Also be aware if you are hungry, tired or sick and take care of those issues. Then grab hold of your mood and make your day better!


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