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May 2013

Adventures. When is the last time that you went on one? Now, I do not mean a capital A adventure, like climbing Everest or a trip to Paris; I mean a small a adventure like exploring a part of the city that you have never been to before or trying a new activity.

You might wonder why I even bring this up. Why does anyone need adventures? From a cognitive point of view, by being presented new and novel stimuli, our brains keep growing, this, therefore, reduces our risk for Alzheimer’s. It also reduces our risk of depression. In fact, trying new things can keep us excited about our lives. Also, if we are trying these new adventures with our partners, these can be bonding experiences that increase our happiness in our relationships.

So, what kinds of adventures can you try? Yes, you might have a really big adventure planned, such as big vacation or a major life event coming up (Anyone getting married soon? Or having a baby? Talk about an adventure!!) But the types of adventures that I am talking about are small, although not necessarily quiet! Is there anything that you have ever wanted to try, like running/walking a 5k? Volunteering for a charity that you feel strongly about? Hiking some place for the first time? Meeting new friends? Learning a new game or skill? Taking voice lessons? The list could go on and on! The only limit is your imagination. You can also see that these adventures do not need to cost a great deal of money either!

There are so many things that you can do. My challenge to you is every week find one, small adventure and do it. Then notice the impact it has on your life!

And don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

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