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June 2006

I had a very bad day last week. I let my family and friends know. I was immediately supported with calls, e-mails and people to help me through a rough time.

We cannot get through rough times by ourselves. We need love and nurturing. We need support. By letting those that care about me know that I needed help, I was not showing weakness. Instead, I was taking care of myself. Taking care of ourselves is a sign of strength.

Being sure that I am surrounded by people that I can depend on allows me to take risks and explore new areas besides being able to cope with the hard times. Having loving people around me allows me to enjoy the good times even more.

There are a couple of important points about my experience. I have built up a support network of wonderful people around me. Then I let them know that I needed help. If I had not done both, I would not have had the support that I needed to get through.

Do not try to get through the hard times alone. It is too difficult. Do not try to get through the good times alone. It is not as much fun. Reach out to others. Allow them to reach out to you. If we go on this journey while holding hands with those that we love, we will be safer and enjoy ourselves more. Go find a friend’s hand to hold.

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