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Asking for Help

March 2006

Do you have a hard time asking for help? Don’t feel badly. Many people do. Do you know why you have a difficult time? The response to that can be as varied as the people answering the question.


Some people feel that they do not have the right to ask for help. That they aren’t important enough or what they are asking about isn’t important enough. No one would see their request as valuable, so why bother. Other people are very concerned that the people that they would reach out to are too busy, that the requestor does not want to impinge on the requestee. Some people are terrified that they will be turned down, so it is just easier to not ask at all.

What amazes me in that is all the mind reading that we do. Somehow we feel that we know what people are going to say, feel, do. I don’t know about you, but I am a lousy mind reader. Every time I try, I am wrong. The other thing that I find amazing is that if you ask most people if they want to help someone the answer is almost always “yes”. We feel good knowing that we can help others.


The lesson in this? Perhaps if we ask people for help, they may be very willing which allows them to feel good about themselves. The moral of this story: ASK FOR HELP! You might be surprised by the result.



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