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August 2011

This column originally ran in 2003, but it feels very timely again!

Back to school: the most dreaded and most beloved words in the spoken language. The parents are jumping up and down and the children are moping. But even as the parents are thrilled, returning to school can bring up many fears for them, as well.

Parents worry about everything, which is the way it needs to be if we want to be sure that our children are getting their needs met. As our children return to school, we want to be sure that they have a good teacher who will understand, nurture and challenge them. It is important, as concerned parents, that we have good communication with our children’s teachers. It is important to check in with the teachers to see how they perceive our children. This way we can be on top of any problems before they become insurmountable problems.

If a teacher suggests that our child is facing a difficulty, it can be very hard on us. We want our child to be perfect and successful and happy. Oftentimes, our children may need some extra help in order to achieve these goals. This does not make our children losers. It makes us good parents in that we are helping our children.

If your child does need something extra, make sure that first, they are properly evaluated by a professional who is trained in evaluating children. Then, you will need to meet with the school to make sure your child’s special needs are being met. This can be very stressful and difficult. Hang in there. Your child is worth it.

But right now, just enjoy watching your child skip off to the first day of school, or pout on the way, while you sit back with a sigh of relief that you made it through summer. You will fight the next battle when it comes up!

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