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But I Don’t Wanna

January 2009

Do you ever have a day where you just don’t want to do anything? Where you want to sit around all day? Or better yet, play hooky? Rather than going to work, going to Disneyland? Well, that is where I am today. I do not want to work. I do not want to teach. I do not want to write. I want play. All day!

Yet, as an adult, I realize I cannot, no matter how much I want do. So, how do we get through days like this? Since I am going to remain a responsible adult, I have to get through this day somehow.

Hmmm, focus on the positive. I really love my job. I really love being a therapist. So, when I am actually in session, I am fine. It’s when I face the paper work connected with my job that I want to run away. Okay, what are some ways to deal with this better?

I will break the tasks into smaller pieces and reward myself when those pieces are done. I can reward myself with being able to play a computer game, emailing or calling a friend, or taking a walk. Okay, this day is looking better.

There are always ways that we can create that can improve the day. It can take some imagination and creativity to come up with these solutions, but they are there. Sometimes taking off part of the day can recharge us enough to be able to deal with, perhaps even enjoy, the rest.

Hey, look at this! I wrote my column! Okay, now I get to reward myself. I am going to go play on the computer now! Go find ways to make your day better, too. And enjoy the journey.

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