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Change is difficult. And scary. And quite often not wanted. Change is also exciting. And fun. And the best possible thing ever. All of these statements are equally true. How is that possible?

Humans do not like change. We like things to be predictable. We know what will happen. We know how to handle it. We feel safe this way. Even if we are not liking our life, we still may often prefer the discomfort, the unhappiness rather than making a change. We know the rules and how to live in this discomfort. We haven’t the slightest clue how to live in this new environment.

It takes tremendous courage to create change. We are not sure what will actually happen. If this change will actually be any better than what had been dealing with. It takes tremendous energy to enact change. We have often been stuck in that rut for years. Those grooves are deep.

I applaud all l those who make changes. It is not easy. But keep going. Because change often does take us to a much better place. A place where we are happier. A place where we are healthier. So, grab your courage and your strength, and point yourself towards change!

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