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Choosing Your Path Wisely

January 2002


There are many paths that we can take. Every day we are handed new choices. We can take the path of treating people nicely or we can take the path of being aggressive. We can take the path of growth or the path that will lead us to decay.


I think of all this now because it is the beginning of the year. A wonderfully traditional time to re-assess the paths we have chosen. Yes, chosen. Always be aware that we have chosen the paths that we are on. Which, naturally, means that we can choose a different path. Everyone has choices. Everyone can change their path. I am not saying that it is easy. It isn’t, far from it. But it is possible.


So look at the path that you are on. Are you encountering happiness regularly? Not constantly. No one is happy constantly. But if you are experiencing happiness on a regular basis, you are doing well. If you are being challenged, not over-whelmed, that is good. If you have support, but are not being smothered, you have chosen a good path.


But most of all, if you have love in your life, you are on a good path. Love that will understand you, nurture you, make a commitment, and like you, you are on a wonderful path. Make sure that you are on a path that some of your dreams will come true. Not all of your dreams can come true. Nor do you want all of your dreams to really come true. But some of your dreams do need to become real.


So look at your path. Assess it wisely. Alter your path if you need to, but most of all enjoy your journey.


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