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Communication Problems

January 2007


I am in love with a guy I met last year. He proposed to me but the problem I am having now is that there is no communication, although he told me on the onset that he is not good at making calls. Right now, I am confused if he likes me or not since there is no communication and he will be coming home soon. Please what should I do?


Needs to Talk

Dear Needs to Talk,

Communication is crucial in a relationship. What you need to find out is what your communication is like when you are living near each other. If you still have problems talking or even finding things to talk about, you might want to re-think your relationship. Another red flag is if problems come up that the two of you are having difficulty resolving. So, what I am suggesting is prior to marriage, slow down! Both of you need time to see if this relationship is all that you want it to be.

Dr. Michelle

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