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September 2013

One of the things that can be most harmful to us as humans is to feel that we are alone. We need to be part of a community. We need to be part of something bigger than us. We need to feel connected. If we do not have that feeling, we can get depressed and lost. Being part of that larger community can help us to feel grounded. Being connected helps us to be healthy.

There are many different types of communities. Your family can be one type of community. Your religious organization can be another. Those are the two most obvious. How about the school that you go to? What if you have a hobby and you join a club that supports that hobby? If you are involved in a sport, you can find a community that does that as well.

While the Internet has pros and cons, you can find communities on there, too. However, if that is the only communities that you are part of, I am going to encourage you to join another community where you can actually see people face-to-face and shake their hands, maybe even get a hug now and then!

As you get more involved and connected, watch your mood, your energy, even your happiness increase. Go out today. Begin to get connected. Begin to belong!

And enjoy the journey.

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