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June 2004


There have been several deaths in my family and extended family over the last several months. Just last night a family friend passed away. Every time someone dies, I stop and reflect.


I do not spend a great deal of time on where they are now. I am assuming that I will find out in some later date in my life. Instead, I wonder about the impact that they had on others.


This gentleman was married over 50 years, raised a family and was enjoying his retirement. He touched many people with his quiet demeanor. His impact was felt by his children and other people with whom he came into contact. He adopted my children to be his grandchildren and shared his love with them.


We touch many people as we go through our lives. It is a ripple effect. As this man touched others with his personality, he caused us to relate to others in a different way with what we had learned from him.


Let us all remember what impact others have on us and what impact we have on others. We all touch one another. We are all connected. So, I guess I do know where we go after we die. We continue on in others.


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