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Dec 27 - A Different New Year
A new year is starting. Okay. Great. So? If you are going to continue all of the same old patterns and habits, then this year will be just like last year. You cannot expect to have a different type of year if you are doing exactly the same things.
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Dec 5 - Holidays
Oh my gosh! It is December!! The holidays are here! So much to do! Plan parties! Attend parties! Get gifts! Get the gifts we forgot! Oh shoot, I didn’t get him a gift! I have to go shopping now! Get decorations! Hang up decorations! Eat! Clean! Clean! Eat! Clean up! Put away the decorations! Collapse.
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Balance and Change: A Journey by Dr. Michelle Gottlieb
Life is full of challenges. Our biggest is to achieve a healthy balance in our lives.

It can be very difficult to make the changes needed in order to live that healthy balance. It helps to enter into a dialog with someone. By doing so, it is easier to process the "blocks" that prevent us from achieving that balance. Dr. Michelle Gottlieb has created this book to help you overcome your blocks.
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