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Courage to Change Your Path

November 2010

We often feel that the path we are on is irreversible. That once we have started down this path, we can never turn around. We can never swerve. We can never change direction.

Take for example our career path.  Often we began our career path when we were in college and picked out major when we were 18 years old! Think about how much you have changed since then. How many things that we chose then, everything from the music we liked to the clothes we wore, still work for us now? Therefore, our career choices made then may not fit us now either.

We may have shame or embarrassment about changing our path. We may have issues with people thinking that we have made a mistake. A question to ask yourself is it worth staying on a path that is not right for you just because you are embarrassed by admitting to a mistake? Is it worth ruining your life just for pride?

There are very few choices that are irreversible. Most of them  are about life and death decisions. Just about everything else we can change. We may not be able to go back to an old path, but we can always choose a new one.

So, stop. Ask yourself. Am I happy on the path I am on now? What is holding me back from making choices that really fits me? Then screw up your courage and get on the path that is right for you. Enjoy the journey!

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