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September 2005


It is raining. I love rainy days. I love how life seems to slow down on rainy days. We all seem to look out the windows more because we are all so amazed at the rain. We talk with each more because we are so amazed. Rain seems to connect people.

There are many things that connect people. It can be a common passion or hobby. It can be a love of nature or an equally fervent desire to never go into nature. Our commonality draws us together. Our differences can draw us apart. But they do not have to.

When I meet someone who does not love rain as deeply as I do, I do not shun them. I realize that they have had different experiences, different joys. No one is more right or more wrong. We are simply different. We need to be aware any time someone holds a different opinion than ours that does not make them our enemy. We are simply different.

These differences make our world a more interesting place. It gives us more to talk about and more to explore. And, who knows, if we allow ourselves to experience someone else?s passion, we may just find that it becomes our passion as well.

So, enjoy the differences, and enjoy your journey.


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