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Don’t Let Fear Stop You
Reach out to others. An important concept, albeit a scary one. Everyone wants connections. But people, in general, are very nervous about reaching out first. The fear of rejection often comes up. This is a very common thought that many people have. In fact, this fear may be paralyzing and not allow you to act in even the slightest way. So this is what you need to remember: everyone has this fear.  If you can reach out, you very well may find a a scared, cautious hand reaching back.

The next question is where do I go to create this experience? There are so many different places, and the online experience is not included in my list. The experience of talking with people that you can actually see and touch is very different that “chatting” with your avatar.  If you are still in school you can talk to classmates or join a club. If you are a young parent, find other young parents.  There are many parenting groups or you can reach out to other parents at your childcare center. You can join a faith-based community. You can join a club that aligns with a hobby that you have-or would like to develop. Join a hiking club or a club that flies model airplanes. Think about  what you like to do then search out a group that does it. Perhaps you are passionate about an issue in the up-coming election. Join the group that supports it-of is fighting it! Volunteer in the community. Build a house, work on a garden. There are hundreds of volunteer organizations. Join. Show up. Smile and reach out to someone. Begin a dialogue with someone. Anyone! Create a friendship. You will be improving your life and theirs.

The bottom-line is we do not do well when we are isolated. We all want connections. We are all afraid. When you put yourself in a new situation, remember that everyone is experiencing the same thing. Everyone you are looking at has gone through the same fears. Take the first step. You will be amazed where that step may lead you! And enjoy the journey!

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