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I had been doing therapy for many years and had been getting increasingly frustrated with my limited ability to help clients truly heal from their wounds. Then I heard Dr Francine Shapiro speak. She presented studies that very methodically and scientifically showed that bilateral stimulation to the brain helps to reduce trauma and its aftermath.  She worked with Viet Nam Vets who had severe PTSD. After being treated with EMDR therapy, they no longer had PTSD. A five year follow up still showed that they no longer suffered from PTSD. I have been doing EMDR therapy since 2000 and am constantly amazed by how it can help people. EMDR therapy appears to allow the brain to take the trauma that has not been stored effectively and allow it to hook up with adaptive information. Put in different terms, it helps people heal.

I have worked with people who have been depressed for years and after a few sessions of EMDR therapy, they are able to enjoy their lives. EMDR therapy is a very rapid therapy; it can help people in approximately half the time that typical talk therapy takes. It is a very complex therapy, so if you choose to seek out a clinician to do EMDR therapy, please be sure that you find one who is certified. I have been certified since 2001 and I am now working on becoming a consultant to help others become trained as well.




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Mar 7 - Sloooooowww Down
Anyone who knows me, knows that I always have many things that I am doing and that I move very fast, getting them all done. However, as I sit here writing this, I am recovering from a nasty cold and I do not have the energy to go at my normal speed. This is an important lesson for me, and I am going to guess for many of you, which is to listen to what my body needs.
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Feb 21 - Warm Puppy
I was reflecting on writing this column that we need to find ways to feel safe and calm and peaceful, especially given the news that bombards us day after day, with relentless tragedies. I started to re-read some of my past columns to see if there were words that would spark me for today’s column. I found this column from 2012. We all need to find our own “warm puppy” to get through these days and be able to enjoy what we do have.
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Balance and Change: A Journey by Dr. Michelle Gottlieb
Life is full of challenges. Our biggest is to achieve a healthy balance in our lives.

It can be very difficult to make the changes needed in order to live that healthy balance. It helps to enter into a dialog with someone. By doing so, it is easier to process the "blocks" that prevent us from achieving that balance. Dr. Michelle Gottlieb has created this book to help you overcome your blocks.
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