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Enjoy the Journey

They say that travel broadens you. You know what? “They” are correct! It is important to get yourself out of your corner of the world and see how others live, what other people value, taste new foods, even hear other languages spoken!

By putting ourselves in new and unique places, not only do we come to appreciate different ways of living, but it can help us to more fully appreciate how we live! We tend to think that how we live is the best way. But when we travel, we find new options. Some are better; others may not fit us as well.

One of the most important things about travel is that we can come to appreciate and value differences. There are many ways to see the world and live our lives. Traveling can help us explore those differences. When we can challenge ourselves to see and perhaps even embrace differnces, our world becomes fuller and brighter.

I often say enjoy the journey, and I mean it figuratively. Today I am saying enjoy the journey and I mean to get out of your house and town and truly, journey! Embrace it, enjoy it. Do not shy away from it. It will help you to grow in ways that you cannot even conceive of yet! Enjoy every moment of it!

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