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Facebook is Evil

April 2013

Here is a question that many people have wondered about: is Facebook evil? Does it promote people to think that they have friends that aren’t real? Does it encourage people to waste time and waste their lives? Or is there some good there?

We have asked this question over and over for many different things. Every generation has come up with something that the previous generation sees as a major crisis in the making. Yet, often, it turns out to be just a very small issue. Anyone out there old enough to remember the issues that arose when rock and roll began to be played? It was going to cause all of our young ones to be unable to function! And yet we are still here.

Anything, if used to an extreme, can cause a problem. Alcohol is a perfect example. When we drink too much we can damage ourselves and our relationships, not to mention our careers, health, financial future, etc. However, a glass of wine per night, in moderation, actually has health benefits.

Which brings us back to Facebook. People who are on Facebook 24/7 and never have any relationship that is not electronic, who cannot go more than five minutes without checking their status, these people are not living in the real world. However, there is a way to use Facebook to be able to connect with people, whether it is family or friends, that you would not normally be able to see, and still have a life. These are the people who also have friends that they can actually hug. They can leave their house and interact with more than their smart phone.

Facebook, as well as other social media, can be a useful tool to obtain and give information, to connect with family and to expand your world. As long as you always keep it in balance with the rest of your life! The word to remember is moderation. Most anything in moderation can be a good thing.

So, plug in, enjoy Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or whatever else you are into. AND go outside, enjoy nature, go to a party, talk to people. Enjoy all of your life! And don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

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