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For Now

This too shall pass. These words of wisdom have been passed down from generation to generation. Whatever is going on right now is not permanent. Whether it is good, pleasant or horrible, it is temporary. The Broadway musical Avenue Q, has a song entitled For Now. It is all about relaxing and not stressing since whatever you are experiencing is only for now.

It is important to remember this. We believe that whatever we are experiencing is a permanent state. This is simply not true. We have good days and bad days. Sometimes we have good years and bad years; sometimes good and bad decades. But still, it will pass. Life changes. Things improve. Then it gets worse. Welcome to life.

The take away lesson for us is never get too uptight and stressed. Learn and grow form the bad times. There are lessons in that time for us to learn. And do not forget to stop and enjoy the good times. Truly take it in.

Remember, all that you are experiencing is just for now.

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