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May 2004


One of the most valuable assets a woman has is her girlfriends. Oftentimes, when we are having problems in different areas of our lives, our girlfriends are there to listen to us and prop us. Our girlfriends may not always agree with us, but they will always love us.


A common fantasy is that when we meet our husband, we no longer need any girlfriends because our mate will fulfill our every want and need. The reality is no one person can meet all our needs. Nor can we meet all of someone else’s needs. We need to have a variety of people in our lives because we have a variety of needs. A very simple example I have is the other night I went to a concert with a friend and her daughter because neither of our husbands and none of our sons were interested in going. The women had a wonderful time, so did the men.


Our girlfriends can be the pillars that hold us up when we need it. And, then when, it is our turn, we can hold up our girlfriends. We belong to a sisterhood that is incredibly powerful. If our sisterhood supports each other, we can handle all the stress and sadness that we will encounter.


If you are not currently plugged into the sisterhood, find a way to enter it. It is amazing how much safer we feel when we have support. So, get support and begin to soar.


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