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Give Thanks

October 2001


As we approach Thanksgiving, we know that we are supposed to be thankful. You may find it harder to be thankful this year after 9/11, Anthrax and the new scares every time we open the newspaper or turn on the television. It is difficult to live in fear. No, it is impossible to live in fear. We can survive in fear, but we cannot live that way.


Now, I am not saying that we should just ignore the danger out there. There have always been dangers. We generally do not play in the middle of the street because of the fear of being hit by a car. We just have to adapt to these new dangers and learn to live with them as well.


As we adapt to our new realities, we must make sure to not lose our old joys. All of the things that you were thankful for in August are still around in November. The trick is to not forget. The trick is to live a joyful life any way. The trick is to live.


So stop for a minute and remember what you were thankful for and give thanks for it again. Give thanks for nature, for family, for being here to give thanks. And enjoy your holiday!

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