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Good Days, Bad Days

May 2013

Some days are just good. You just want to giggle through them. You have a smile on your face that you want to share with everyone. These are special, wonderful days! Enjoy them to the hilt. However, I have had clients say to me that they never want to really get into their happy days because there are bad things coming. They are waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop.

I have to admit that that statement confuses me. Will the bad things somehow be softened if we do not truly enjoy the good? I am thinking that no; the bad will still be bad. However, the reverse may be true. If we allow ourselves to really enjoy the good, it may work like a bank that we are depositing resiliency into. So when the bad comes, we have the strength, energy, faith, whatever is needed to cope with the bad.

I also point out to my clients that if they do not allow themselves to truly feel the good days, then, in fairness, they cannot really feel the bad days either. Why should we really get into the bad, when we do not get into the good?

Bad things happen. Good things happen. That is life. Trust that even when you are in the middle of a really bad patch, that is all it is, a patch. Just wait, there is something good coming your way. When you are enjoying the good, fully enjoy it so that you can cope with the bad when that shows up.

But most of all, surround yourself with people that you love and love you back.

Enjoy the journey!

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