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Good Enough

Good enough. An interesting concept. I strive to be a good enough wife, mother, therapist. Not necessarily the best ever. Sometimes I strive for being the best that I can be. But overall, day to day, I strive to be good enough. This seems like a strikingly un-American concept. We are supposed to always strive to do our best. All the time. No matter the circumstances.

Some people will walk away from this concept without even giving it a thought. But, wait, for just a minute. Imagine if our parents were good enough parents. Not perfect. Not the best ever, but good enough, which means they were loving but still made mistakes. Think of all the wounds that we would not have. Think about the impact of having good enough parents. Think if everyone had good enough parents. It might even put me out of business!

There are some things that we want to strive to do our personal best. But it cannot be everything. It cannot be every day. No one can stay at that level constantly. The pressure that we put on ourselves is exhausting and creates great guilt when we fail. And we will fail. Pick one or two things that you wish to stay at that top level. But only one or two, That is all we can handle.

Now, think about all the things that you want to be good enough in. Define what good enough means in these different situations. Feel the weight come off your shoulders.

Have a good enough day.

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