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November 2002


I woke up grumpy this morning. Not for any particular reason. There was nothing wrong. I wasn’t mad at anyone; there was no big issue in my life. I was just grumpy. Because I was grumpy, I was grumpy with my kids who had not done anything to deserve to be grumped at. I was grumpy with my husband who also did not deserve that.


We need to be aware that when we are having a bad day, for whatever reason, we impact those around us. We need to be careful with our attitudes so that they are not causing hurt to those that we love. We need to do whatever we can to either alleviate our bad mood, process it or at least put it away until we can take it out and really deal with what is bothering us.


There are many ways to deal with the grumps. One way is to exercise, which can often turn our attitudes around. We can journal. If we vent out all that is bothering us, we can relieve a great deal of stress and be nicer to those around us. We need to be sure that we have gotten enough to eat and sleep. We need to take responsibility for our actions.


That reminds me. I need to go apologize to my family now.


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