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Happy Holidays

December 2008

Have I ever mentioned my family’s holiday tradition? We go up to the mountains for a week and do nothing. We eat too much junk food. We watch too much television. We stay up too late. We play games. We read. We talk. We snuggle. We get very excited about snow and that we get to put on the fireplace. The place we stay is always a bit too small for four people, but it never seems to matter.

For this week is our time-out week. Time-out from all the rules that we all have to live by during the rest of the year. All the rules of healthy eating, healthy bedtimes, and healthy behaviors. Now, after about three days, I start to get a little bit of cabin fever and insist that we all go outside, but really most of the time is eating and snuggling.

This week is some of the most precious time my family has. We just hang out and enjoy each other. We are not rushing around trying to keep up some kind of schedule. Instead, we slow down-okay, stop-and just be, with cookie in mouth. I know that when my children grow up and move out, these are the memories that they will treasure the most.

In these very busy times that we live in, we all need time out. Time to just relax and be with our loved ones. Time goes by much too quickly. Children get bigger every day; soon they will be gone. Grab these times while you can. You will never have this chance again.

So, have a happy holiday with those that you love. But be sure to take some time out just to enjoy! And may we all have a healthy, happy New Year, as well.

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