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Happy Holidays!

December 2009

I love winter. I love the holidays. I love the running around, the shopping, the singing, the looking at the lights, the family time. I love it all. Every year brings something new to celebrate or enjoy.

One of the best things of the season is the expectation that we will all slow down and enjoy it, if we can get past all the running around! Many times the expectations that we set up for ourselves can be unrealistic, to say the least. However, the expectation that we will slow down, enjoy the holidays, the festivities, family and friends is one that we can, at one level or another, achieve.

Perhaps you come from a toxic family, so spending time with them may not be healthy. So, instead, spend time with your friends. Perhaps this year, money is extremely tight, so shopping is not fun. Make something for your gifts. The most appreciated and the cheapest gifts that you can give are gift certificates that you have to fulfill. Things like a massage, washing a car, taking the dog out for a walk, playing a board game. The list can go on and on.

But most importantly, slow down. Take time off, even if it is just an afternoon. Take the time off to appreciate all that you have. Go look at the holiday lights. Just stop! Don’t cook or bake or wrap. Instead hold your children. Tell a story. Better yet, let them tell you one!

No matter what your religion is, take the time this season, and every day, to tell someone that you love them. Take the time every day to take care of yourself.

Happy holidays!

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