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Happy Holidays!

December 2013

I love the holidays. I love the food. I love the decorations. I love the music. I love hanging out with family and friends. My challenge is to truly stop and enjoy it before the season ends. We all tend to get so busy that we never have the opportunity to really be in the moment.

So here is my plan for the holidays this year: every day, I am going to take some time out from all of my running around and getting ready. I am going to stop and look around me. I am going to see the decorations. I am going to actually listen to the music. I am really going to watch the little ones celebrate all that is going on.

I am going to challenge myself to mindfully be aware of what I see, hear and taste. I am going to sit with family and friends and talk with them. I am going to laugh with everyone and enjoy our time together. I am going to watch the specials. I am going snuggle up with the kids and be in the moment.

There may be days that I only do this for a minute or two; other days, I may be able to do it for a few hours, but I will do it. I will not let this holiday season slip by. I do not want to wake up in January and say, “Wait a minute! What happened to the holidays?!”

We are all busy during this season. But we can all find a moment or two to just be. I challenge myself to it. I challenge you to do it, too! Let me know how you did!!

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