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Happy Holidays

December 2007

I have become increasingly aware of how quickly time passes. Every year just seems to fly by faster and faster. One of my children is now definitely taller than me. The other one is not that far behind. My older relatives are getting old. It is harder to get up off the floor than it used to be. Time is passing.

I love this time if the year but I know that seasons pass quickly. Before you know it, we will be dealing with everything that comes after the New Year. I want to notice that we had a holiday season, not just be relieved when it is over.

I am making a pledge to myself that every day, I will stop and notice decorations, songs, presents, people enjoying the season. I will notice the things that make me smile. This is not an attempt to slow down the season, but to live in the moment. To not wish things would hurry up and get here, or to hurry up and get over!

When I slow down and live in the moment, my body gets healthier. My muscles relax. I smile more. My relationships improve because I am not so stressed. I am a better wife and mother because I slow down and truly am with my family.

So, if you see me sitting some place, simply watching and smiling, feel free to join me and just be. Happy holidays.

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