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Have Some Fun, Not FUN

April 2003


I often give the people who come to see me homework. (What?! I go to therapy, and I have homework!) No, not that kind of homework. This homework is to help the person develop a skill or practice something that we have been working on in session. Sometimes the homework is to have fun. (See, I told you that this wouldn’t be so bad.)


Now, you would think that this assignment would be fairly simple and straightforward. However, it can be very confusing. First, many people think that they must have FUN. Disneyland kind of fun. However, not everything is on that kind of level. In fact, very few things are.


Most of life’s fun is on a much simpler and smaller level. Our challenge is to learn how to have fun, with small case letters. Fun can be playing cards with a friend, going out to dinner, walking at the beach, or taking a nap. It could be the proverbial stopping and smelling the roses or simply watching our children laughing. There are so many ways for us to have fun.


The more that we have fun, the happier we will be. So everyday, stop and have some fun, not FUN, just fun. And see how your life improves.


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