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Healthy Families

October 2003


One of the most important components of a healthy society is a healthy family. But what are the components of a healthy family? Several things go into creating a family relatively free of dysfunction.


The first is healthy communication. Communication that is not blaming. Communication that is open and accepting. Communication where the family can sit and talk together without fear of reprisals.


Which leads into the second component: respect. We need to respect all members of the family no matter how old or young. Each member brings something special and unique to the family. So, we need to appreciate and hear every member.


Another, hopefully obvious, component is love. With love, comes affection, but affection that is healthy and does not cross any boundaries. It is vital that all members of the family can receive affection that is not tainted with any inappropriate messages.


There are many other components, but the last that I will discuss today is liking all the family members. Now, I do not mean liking every family member constantly. We do not always like every member of our family all the time. But in a healthy family, we like all the different members most of the time.


You may have other ideas to add to this list. Please do. But please look at this and discuss it with your family so that all of you can live in a family that is healthy, safe and nurturing. Now, that will create a healthy society.


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