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Healthy Resolutions
As I write this on the last day of the year, resolutions are on my mind. This is not because I am going to make a resolution; I never do. Not because I think they are a great idea; I don’t. But because of all the ways that we set ourselves up to fail with those New Year’s resolutions.Our resolutions tend towards black and white. “I will never eat chocolate again!” “I will go to the gym every day!” These resolutions are unsustainable. Since we cannot continue living these for more than a week, we decide not to keep them at all. The next thing you know, we are sitting on the couch, stuffing our mouths with chocolate with no recent memory of being at the gym.

However, having a goal can often help us to start making changes in our lives. So, what is a person to do? The smart thing is to make small, easily achievable and measurable goals. For instance, I will go the gym three times a week for twenty minutes. Or I will walk three times a week for twenty minutes. And when the week comes that you only worked out twice for only ten minutes each, simply say, “Okay, no worries, my next workout will be longer.” Not, “Well, then, why bother? I might as well give up!”

As for food, make a resolution to slightly reduce your portion size or to include more vegetables in your diet or cook one dinner per week rather than eat fast food. As all of these goals become easier to do and more of habit then create new ones that are the next step on the journey towards health.I may not make any resolutions, however, I will continue to work on my goal of living as healthy of a life as I can each day. Some of those days include chocolate, some include sitting on the couch and being a slug, and some include a run. But all are steps on my journey.

May your year be filled with joy, laughter and adventures!

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