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December, 2000


Holidays are for the children. Often, as our own inner child comes up because of the holiday stressors, we forget this. So I will say it again: holidays are for the children. As you are running around from store to store and dragging your kids with you, please allow them to stop and look at all the pretty decorations.


While you are cooking all of the festive meals, allow your child to help without getting mad at him for making a mess. While you are decorating the house, please allow your child to put up some decorations where she wants to and not where you think it should go.


When all the relatives come over and you start to get stressed because of your issues with your family, please remember that those are your issues, not your child’s. Please let him enjoy his relatives. When your child begins to open all the presents and is more enthralled with the box than the present you gave her, enjoy your child’s enjoyment. Please do not get your feelings hurt.


Again, remember, this is a magical time for our children. Let’s look at the holidays through their eyes and be children once again.



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