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June 2014

Humans being need hope. We need it in order to keep going every day, to continue to put one foot in front of the other. When we lose hope, we die. Quite honestly, that is when we give up, either consciously choosing suicide or unconsciously just slipping away.

We are made to have hope. That is why we keep trying the lottery. We keep knowing that one day that we will win. That is hope. You can see it in athletes, even weekend athletes; they keep hoping that they will go faster, better, stronger. The moment they lose hope, the moment they say “I can’t”, their bodies quit on them.

Nature never gives up hope. Have you ever seen nature after a disaster, such as a fire? There is a forest burned down, and yet there is one flower peeking its head up. Or a house has been destroyed by an earthquake, and you can see weeds starting to grow. That’s nature’s way of saying, “Do not give up hope! There is still life here!”

We need to do the same. Even when life seems the darkest and the most desperate, hold to hope. There will be a blade of grass, a flower, or even a weed. But there will be growth. We just may have to wait awhile to see it.

Never give up hope. Where there is life, there is hope. Where there is hope, there is life. And always, always enjoy the journey.

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