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How Do I Know If He Loves Me?

June 2003


I recently had someone write me ask me how she could tell if someone really loved her or if he was just using her. Now, according to the old song, it’s in his kiss, but I am not sure if the is the best way.


For instance, you may be getting a great deal of kissing, but never actually meeting his friends, family, or ever going out at all. If the person you are dating is more than happy to have sex with you, but never takes you out on a date, than you need to question what is going on.


If you are spending tremendous amounts of money on lavish gifts and dates, and your partner only seems happy when you show up with yet another present, you need to question what is going on.


If on the other hand, you can spend hours talking, your date always seems proud to introduce you to the other people in his or her life, if you are the first person that they call to share news, good or bad, than I would say that you have pretty good odds that that person is in love with you, or at least headed in that direction.


But the most important advice I can give you is to give the relationship time. Then you will know for sure. And enjoy the journey!


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