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How to be a Healthy Parent and Partner

May 2007

Someone once said that the only way to be a sane parent is once a week, the parents need to go out on a date, once a month, a weekend away, once a year a week away. I love the idea of this even if, in our overly crazy world, it is not possible for most of us to follow this to the letter. However, the concept is very important.

We, as parents, need to have some non-parenting time with our partners. We need time to remember why we like our partners, why we chose them in the first place! My suggestion is that you go on a date at least once a month and have a weekend away at least once a quarter. Maybe we get a week away every few years.

If the only thing that we have in common with our partner is our children, then what are we going to do once the kids move out? Is the plan for the marriage to end? Or is that person sitting across from you at the dining room table the person you plan to grow old with?

Take the time to be a couple as well as co-parents. It is well worth it for the long haul. In, fact it even makes you better parents!

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