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How to Survive a Bad Day

September 2011

Ever have a bad day. I mean a really bad day? Think about what helped you get through it. Think about what made it worse for you. We will all have bad days. If we know in advance what will help us cope and survive it, we may suffer a lot less stress.

So, what made it better? Getting information can often help us cope better with a situation. If we understand what is going on, the situation often does not feel so overwhelming. Prayer can help us tap into our spirituality which can help ground us. Allowing ourselves to express our emotions, including crying, can help release some of the energy.

But what may be the most important way to cope when we are going through a really rough day is reaching out to others. Being alone for a little while may help us to self-soothe; however, when things are really overwhelming, we need help. We need to not be alone. Even if all the other person is doing is putting his hand on our shoulder, it helps. If we have someone we trust to pour out our anguish to, even better.

Know that bad days will come. We all have them. But be prepared. Think about who you can call on, who you can trust, who you can count on. Make a list. Then, when that bad day hits, call them! Be aware that you very well may be on someone else’s list. You may get a call from someone who needs support. By knowing this, you do not need to worry about being a drain on someone, because you will have the opportunity to give back.

But most important of all, when that bad day hits, remember that you will get through it!

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