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February 2004


I had a most enjoyable evening a few nights back. I had dinner with some good friends, and we began to discuss religion. We do not share the same religion; in fact, we do not share many of the same ideas of what religion is and what it means to the world. Yet, we were able to remain respectful and interested in each other. And, in the end, we were all friends. Quite possibly, we were even closer friends than prior to the conversation.


It is possible to disagree with someone respectfully. We do not need to bash in someone’s head just because they do not agree with us. If we do that, we may, quite possibly, miss some important information or a way to create a connection.


It is possible to end the discussion by agreeing to disagree. It is not mandatory that we ‘win’ the argument. If we do, we usually lose anyway, due to the ill will that is created.


It is possible to disagree with someone and yet still learn from them and expand our horizons. If we only listen to people that we agree with, we will live in a very small world.


It is possible to be a positive role model to our children and teach them how to get along with those that are different from us. If all the people in this world could learn to communicate respectfully, think about what a difference it would make. Perhaps we could end wars, persecution, and bigotry.


It is possible to make a difference in this world.


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