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Joy vs. Doom

June 2001


I had an argument the other day with someone who said the world was a sad, lonely place. I countered with that it does not have to be. If we are unable to see sunshine or happiness, then all we will see is doom and gloom. That was the case with this man. He can only see the negative. He is convinced that no one in this world cares about others or is able to reach out to anyone else. He sees the world as just different shades of black.


This man, and others like him, is unable to see the beauty and joy in the world. There is so much good in the world. I do not mean to sound like a Pollyanna. Yes, I know about all the horrible things that occur and all the horrors that humankind can inflict on each other. The result of that damage comes in my office every day.


On the other hand, there is a great deal of good in the world. When is the last time that you looked at a tree or a flower or a cloud? When is the last time that you smiled at someone, anyone, wished them a good day and meant it? When is the last time that you allowed yourself to be touched by a child’s smile?


If we see how we are surrounded by beauty, love, joy, goodness, perhaps we will be better able to withstand the horrors. If we can allow ourselves to see all the good, perhaps we can have some strength to make a change in the world. Sometimes just a smile can make a difference. Try one today and find out!


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