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Keep It In Balance

It is true that bad things happen in the world. It is also true that good things happen. We tend to focus on the bad. The reality is that there is a lot more good. However, some times the bad events take over all of our energy and focus. This is true whether it is something personal such as an illness or something more on a national level, such as the shooting in Orlando.

I am not saying that we should ignore the bad. We need to put energy into it so that we can learn from it and heal. We also need to do what we can to prevent these tragedies from repeating. I will not go into the politics in this space except to say one thing: getting involved not only helps us to feel less powerless but can also change the world in a positive way.

But the focus of this column today is about balance. As I said above, more good things happen than bad. Yet we put more energy into worrying about all the negative possibilities. Perhaps we are designed that way so that we are prepared for when something bad happens. But in the meantime, this focus takes away our ability to enjoy the happiness that is present in our lives.

My challenge to you, as objectively as you can, what percentage of your life is good or at least neutral? 50%? 70%? 80%? Now what percentage of your time is spent taking in and enjoying those positive experiences? 50%? 20%? !0%? Not accurate, not balanced.

Focus on the positive. Focus on the good. Put your energy towards that. It is healing and keeps us in balance. Enjoy when life is good. And, as always, enjoy the journey!

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