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Las Vegas

I am writing this just two days after the Las Vegas shooting and my heart is heavy. Once again, there has been another senseless shooting. Once again, we collectively look at each other and try and make sense of this. Once again, we are stunned and heartbroken. Once again…

I do not have any more answers as to why this person did it than you. I am sure the police and FBI will pull together some theories as they further research the shooter. But that really doesn’t answer the questions that we are facing. The first question is always are my family, friends and I safe? The second response is a feeling of powerlessness.

The safety question needs to be answered by each person individually. I want to focus on the second. While it is true that there is nothing we can do to stop the gunman in Las Vegas now, we can take action to prevent this from happening again. We can take action to help heal the wounds that were created by this horrific act.

The ways to prevent this from happening again are varied and will depend on your background and willingness and energy. If you are inclined towards political action, you may want to get involved in the gun control debate. If that is not your strength, connect with a community that needs support. Connect with a person that feels alone. There are many organizations that facilitate that type of activity. It can make a huge difference.

Which leads me to the last point: feeling powerless. Take action! Do something! When we do something, we feel less powerless. Help the survivors. Get involved! There are many groups that would love a volunteer. Do something! If you just sit at home, your fear will increase. Your feeling of powerlessness will increase. Connect with others. It makes a difference.

And, of course, take the time, every day, to tell those that you love how important they are to you. Every day, give them hugs and kisses. Use kind words to share with them how special they are to you. I do not want you to ever regret not saying those words.

Be at peace. Together, we can heal the world. Never forget that.

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