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June 2008

Dear Dr. Michelle,

I went out of town for a weekend last weekend and stayed with a guy friend of mine from college. I was immediately drawn to his roommate who is 35. I am 21. His roommate took my girlfriend and I out to a high-class club and got us VIP and bottle service, then someone stole my credit cards, cash, and purse. He finally tracked down my cell and got it back from the thief (took him two days). Now we can’t get enough of each other. We spend over 4 hours a day talking on e-mail, text, and phone. He even bought a plane ticket to come visit me in 2 weeks. I never act this way with guys. I feel like I am falling head over heels, and he says he feels like he is in high school again (in a good way). Does this mean he is falling head over heels as well or is this some schoolyard crush?

Back in High School

Dear Back,

Right now this is a crush. It might develop into something else, but it needs time. Infatuation is a wonderful place to be, but not a place to make decisions. Enjoy this, but take it slow. Spend more time together and see what develops from here.


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