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Life Continues On

As I am sitting at my desk, I am looking at the notice that someone I knew distantly has died. I just got off the phone with a nephew that is starting a new chapter in his life. These two items juxtaposed, one on top of the other, so makes clear how life continues on. Right now, as I type this, there is someone crying because a loved one has died. Right now, as I type these words, someone is crying because they are holding their newborn baby for the first time. Someone is about to start a new adventure. Someone else is consumed with disappointment because their adventure ended prematurely. Life goes on. Whether we want it to or not. Life goes on.

Every day the world continues to turn. The sun continues to raise and set. No matter what joys or tragedies that we have experienced, we continue on. As my very wise mother once said, “What other choice do we have” It is a good perspective to have. Whatever despair that you are experiencing right at this moment is temporary. Whatever ecstatic joy that you are experiencing is also temporary. Life continues, day after day.

It is important to know this so that when you are in the bad times, you can remember that it is temporary. And so when you are in the good times, you treasure them even more.

Life is an adventure. And, as in any adventure, it isn’t always pleasant. But it is vital that we stop and look around and appreciate the adventure that we are on. And, like any adventure, if you do not like the path that you are on, you can change it! You are not powerless. You can have control over your life. And, as any good adventurer knows, it is vital to never go on an adventure alone. We need our traveling companions. To share in our joys and pull us out when we fall into a hole.

Continue on with your adventure. Never stop. And as always, enjoy the journey!

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