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Mental Health Days

Some days you just want to hide. Perhaps you did not get enough sleep. Or you are suffering from PMS. Or you are just on overwhelm. Perhaps there is nothing really wrong, but today, everything seems to be too much.

We are allowed those days. We all occasionally need mental health days. These are the days that we call off from work or school or life in general and spend the day curled up on the couch with a puppy, reading a trashy novel or watching something stupid on TV or binge-watching something on Netflix. The key word here is OCCASIONALLY. We do not get to do this every day or every week or even every month. Just once in a while.

But, to allow ourselves, every once in a great while, to take the day off from the world and retreat may be the smartest, healthiest choice that we can do. I do triathlons, which are a race consisting of a swim, bike ride and a run. Some people say that the fourth discipline in triathlons is recovery. If we do not take the time to rest and recover, then we cannot race at top form. This is true for all areas of life. Sometimes, we just need to time to recharge.

So, be aware when you need your mental health day, when you need your day to recharge. You will see that by taking it judiciously you are actually able to function at a higher level. And better able to enjoy your journey.

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