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Mindfulness is a big buzz word in my field right now. And there are some good reasons for it. Living mindfully has been shown to have significant physical and emotional health benefits. But it is a very confusing idea for many people.

The concept is actually very simple; although difficult to do. The idea of living mindfully is to be fully present in whatever is happening now. This means that you are not thinking of the future or the past. This means you are not thinking of other things. It means that in this moment, you are aware of what you are seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting. You are fully present in this moment.

To eat mindfully, when you are sitting in front of your plate be aware of what it took for the food to arrive at this moment of time. Look at the food; be aware of the colors and the layout. As you pick it up, be aware of the smell. As you put in your mouth, roll it around for a bit, taking in the texture and flavors. Slowly chew it. Actually savor it. Eating mindfully has many benefits. You will eat slower and eat less. But also you will actually taste your food and be more fulfilled by the experience.

Right now, be mindful. Are you sitting? Be aware of what you are sitting on and how it feels to be supported. Feel the texture of the fabric. What do you hear? Music? Dogs barking? Do you smell anything? Coffee? Something cooking? What do you see? Flowers? Trees? A newspaper?

As you truly stop and take in the moment, you will find that you are more peaceful and centered. My challenge to you is to do this five minutes per day and notice what happens to you. As you get better at this, make it ten minutes per day. You can sprinkle the time throughout the day. Be present and live life fully! And, as always, enjoy the journey!

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