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Mom’s Words of Wisdom

I once asked my mother, a very wise woman, if she was sad as her children left one stage and moved on the next, whether it was a new school, moving out, getting married, or having children of our own. She replied that, no, she was not sad, but that she always excited to see what the next stage would bring.

We all have a great deal to learn from my mother-for many things-but especially in her perspective of enjoying where you are now. Do not worry about what is lost. It is over. Learn from it so that you do not make the same mistakes! Learn from it so that you can make healthier choices going forward.

Life continues to change and bring us new adventures. We need to be open to whatever is next and not mired in what was. While there will always be people who are no longer part of our lives, we must keep moving forward and embracing what is.

I lost my mom over two years ago. The lessons she taught me reverberate every day. So, Mom, I am listening and continuing to celebrate all that life is bringing me. And I continue to enjoy the adventure.

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