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Never Too Late

July 2013

If you are on the wrong road, turn around. – Cindy Lauper

Important words. We seem to feel that if we have made a mistake then we are doomed to stay on that wrong path. For example, I fell off my diet. I ate that donut, so I might as well eat everything and totally give up eating healthy. Or, I drank that one drink, so I might as well drink non-stop. It is never too late to take a different path.

There are very few decisions that are truly unchangeable. Lets look at some big choices: you get married but it is an unhealthy relationship, perhaps even violent. You are not doomed to stay in it forever. You can leave. Even if you have tried to leave before, you can still leave. You can get a divorce. You can start over.

Or perhaps when you graduated high school, you chose not to go to college. Now you are in your 40s. It is not too late. You can still go. You can sign up and take a class. You can change your career and your life.

Perhaps you do not have good parenting skills, and your children are out of control. So it is time to sign up for a parenting class and take charge of your household. It is not too late. Let me say it again, it is not too late.

You have health issues that you have never taken care of. Start now. Today. Take one small step that is a healthier path.

If we have started down a path that is unhealthy for us, or have been on one for as long as we can remember, we can always go on a healthier path. I did not say that it would be easy. Or that you would enjoy the transition from one path to the other. Or even that you won’t have some slip ups along the way. I can just about guarantee that you will. But so what? So you made a mistake! So what?! Today is a new day, and you get to try again. If every day you make one small step in a healthier direction, before you know it, you are on your way!! You can do it!!!

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