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May 2010

Our brains are so good at taking care of us. If we are not ready to know something, our brains make sure that we do not know it yet. However, our bodies will often take on that burden of that pain. The body begins to feel that pain. And it is real physical pain. It is not pain that is “just in your head”.

This phenomenon is called many things, Mind-Body Syndrome, Stress Illness or Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) but all these fancy names are all saying the same things. You are in pain, nothing your medical doctor can do is making you feel better, and in fact you may not be able to get a really good diagnosis. You are beginning to feel that you are crazy, or your doctor has implied that he has reached the end of what he can do with you.

Do not give up hope. There is treatment for your fibromyalgia, gastritis, back pain, chronic pain and so many other things. I have worked with people who have been in significant pain and have had their lives so restricted that there is little enjoyment left in it. The part of the treatment that is often missing is looking at the mind and the pain that has been stored there for many years. There may have been one severe trauma or many small ones piled on top of each other over the years. If the pain came from some type of trauma, like a car accident, that trauma may be what is stopping you from going on with your life. This treatment can even be impactful on phantom limb pain, where the limb is no longer present but the pain still is. There is also a phenomenon called phantom breast pain for women who have had mastectomies but still suffer from pain.

Find a therapist that is trained in the treatment of chronic pain. Begin to meditate. Be more mindful of what you need in your life. Journal about what your traumas are. Exercise. Create a treatment team that is made up of your medical doctor, your therapist, your physical therapist, your acupuncturist. You can create a powerful team that will make a huge difference in your pain level.

Never give up hope. Pain is exhausting but there are new and different ways to cope with it. Never lose hope!

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