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I am having one of those days. You know what I mean. I know that you have them, too. I just want to play today. I do not want to work. It doesn’t matter that I love my job. I just want to take a hike. Or snuggle a puppy. Or read a book. Or snuggle a puppy while I read a book! I want a day off.

We all need time off. We all need play time. That need does not stop when we are no longer children. We need time to let our-figurative-hair down. We need a time and a place that it does not matter what clothes we are wearing, if we are speaking properly, or that we even know what we are talking about. We need time to play!

Play can look like different things to different people. That is one of the many cool things about play. There are no rules. And there is no score-keeping. There is simply frolicking. Or napping. Or mud. Or birds. Or binge-watching. Or however you define play. It can be for an hour or for days!

But if we do not play, we get grumpy and our productivity drops markedly. It can impact our relationships and our parenting. We are not happy campers, and it is reflected everywhere.

So, while I cannot play today, I do have some playtime coming up with some of my favorite playmates. It will re-charge me and rejuvenate me. In the meantime, I will be productive, mostly, while dreaming about playtime! Schedule your play time today!

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